KOOCU 8610 1500 Watt Hot Air Gun

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KOOCU 8610 1500 Watt Hot Air Gun for heat shrink tubing

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Koocu Elite KU-8610 Heat Gun & Heat Shrink Guns-Hot Air Gun with Dual Temperature Adjusted

1500 Watt Hot Air Gun KU-8610 Heat Shrink Guns | Circuit Specialists

1500 Watt Hot Air Gun for heat shrink tubing

Perfect for applying electrical heat shrink, stripping paint, or decal glue removal.

Products Specification:

Electrical heating gun


Two heat settings: level 1: 700 f. Level 2: 920 f.

Rate voltage: 120v 60hz.

Rate power: level 1: 1000w level 2: 1500w.

Blowing speed:  1: >400m/min 2:550m/min.

Cord length: 7 feet.

Heat-resistant cover.

Heat-resistant ABS housing.

Soften,molds, bends and forms plastics, pre-dries for fast preparation.

Softens caulking, putty and plastics.

Strip paint, varnish and lacquer.

Low Noise 2 Blowing Speed:

I: greater than 400m/MIN and

II: greater than 550m/MIN

Adjustable temperature setting:

I: 375ºC and

II: 495ºC

Dual Insulation

KOOCU 8610 1500 Watt Hot Air Gun for heat shrink tubing


Note: Please read the instruction carefully before using.

1. Please do not block or cover air entrance and hot air exit.

2. Please do not blow the hot air to people directly.

3. After turn on the power of hot air gun, operators must stay in the work space.

4. Please don’t dismantle it without permit.

5. Keep it away from the Children. guarantee of safety.

6. Change the heater when use the product more than 3 months. The life time of heater is 2~3 months normally.

7. The product has automatic temperature control system, the temperature fluctuation range might be±20 ~30℃. The highest peak temperature is 450℃.

KOOCU 8610 1500 Watt Hot Air Gun for heat shrink tubing


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