Best mobile Phone Repair Software Device & Dongle– 2020

Due to their very nature, cellphones are prone to both physical and virtual damage. If you have been using a cellphone for quite some time, you would know it can get damaged due to various reasons. While the physical damage can be repaired by replacing the damaged parts, fixing the technical damage is not easy. Fortunately, though, there are software for cell phone repair to help you repair and fix all the technical issues on your phones.

What most of these phone repair software do is they analyze the issues you are facing on your phone and then come up with possible solutions to help you get rid of the issues. When you find a solution that you think will work for you, you can implement it and the software will do its best to repair the issue on your phone.

The following are some of the best Android software or apps to help you repair your phone

Box-UFi Box -Emmc programing Boot Repair

Easy jtag Plus-Emmc programing Boot Repair

Z3X Box Samsung removed FRP Country lock firmware update etc

Octopus Box Samsung removed FRP Country lock firmware update etc




Octopus FRP Dongle

Chimera Tools


Hydra Tools

Emmc Dongle

F Finder Dongle

MRT Dongle


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